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2 Chrome extensions that reduce distraction while you work

2 Chrome extensions
Time online is more likely to kill productivity than enhance it. Think of all the work hours you’ve wasted scrolling through your Facebook feed or going down the Wikipedia rabbit hole. But with the right Chrome extensions, you can minimize these distractions and actually increase your productivity. Here are two that help you get more work done in your web browser.
Task managers are essential for getting things done. But they can actually impede your productivity if the software gets too complicated or you bog them down with an unwieldy amount of to-dos. Then there’s the matter of remembering to open the task manager in the first place.
Auto Text Expander for Google Chrome
Google Drive’s apps have a boatload of them for commonly used functions. This extension allows you to create your own.
You can create your own keyboard shortcuts for frequently used text snippets with Auto Text Expander.
Auto Text Expander lets you add shortcuts for bits of text you use frequently—think code snippets and canned email replies. Its an easy way to reduce tedium and repetitive stress on your wrists. Once the extension is installed, your shortcuts will sync across Chrome browsers.

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